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Chesterton once observed that it was always perilous to talk politics with women because of the imminent danger that they would want to do something about it and not just go on jawing as men do. Julianne Wiley proves this again by writing:

Attention, Cyber-Sleuths!

In my judgment “somebody” ought to donate some money to this lady, Rosa Restrepo, who was so shamefully wronged by the unspeakable Judas Priests of St. Ignatius Cathedral in Palm Beach.

First volunteer, yo! I got the check-writing hand poised and ready to go! But I don’t know how to find this good woman’s address.

Could somebody more cyber-wise than I am, please find it and post it? Please. Somebody’s got to help make things right for this poor woman.

So, instead of bitching about corrupt priests and their mighty mighty organs, how about some practical bucks going Rosa’s way? Contact Julianne if you have Rosa’s address and send some bucks along for Rosa. And yes, Julianne’s on the level and not a scam. I know her work.