More info on the utter credulity of theists and the open-mindedness of dogmatic materialism

A reader sends along the following:

Apropos the current discussion, the official web site of Lourdes has several pages documenting the official process for review of claimed miraculous cures.

Of particular note:

“Since 1947 until recently, 1300 files have been opened, each one for the declaration of a cure. The CMIL met about thirty times between 1947 and 1998. They have presented 29 files to the Church, 19 have been judged to be miraculous. ”

The CMIL is the second-level review board, meaning that those 1300 files weren’t immediately obvious natural cures. Of them, about 1.5% were actually judged miraculous. That doesn’t sound like credulity to me. is the discussion of the medical review process. is the list of the 66 officially recognized cures.

No point in even checking this out. Some miracles are fake, therefore all are.