A reader notices…

A headline on the Dallas Morning News website reads “Two men arrested in sniper case”

Evidently, for the DMN, a 17-year-old is a “man” when he murders people in cold blood, but a “child” when a priest has sexual contact with him.

Language is a funny thing.

Indeed. (Though, of course, the difference is that, in the latter case, you have an innocent victim, not a cold blooded killer.) Still, it is odd how words manipulate things. When you gun people down, you are at first an “angry white male” and the person who calls you that is an “expert”. Then they find out you are an angry black male, but the person who said you were an angry white male is still called an “expert”, not “somebody making wild guess far beyond the evidence”. After that, you are a “Gulf War veteran”, not a “Black Muslim Nutcase”. The moral is: “expert” is the only title in English that can never be removed once a reporter gives it to you.