Then again, it could have something to do with calling an organization devoted to Holocaust denial “highly prestigious and very credible”

… or maybe with denying the earth rotates and strongly suggesting that this is what Real Catholics[TM] should believe… or with insisting on young earth six day creationism… or with saying that God actually changes his mind from moment to moment… or with portraying yourself smarter as than Einstein… or with, oh gosh, it’s hard to choose. As somebody who supplied, not an endorsement, but a chapter, to one of Bob’s books (Not By Scripture Alone), it’s not terribly mysterious to me why a sane Catholic would want to make extremely clear that Bob’s rocket-power flight into nuttery was not foreseen and is not endorsed by me. This editorial might just as well say that since Tertullian was once a Catholic, everything he said as a Montanist is therefore justifiable and no Catholic dare criticise him. Me: I salute the guys on the Remnant’s enemies list for having the integrity to distance themselves from Bob’s nutty rants about Jews, geocentrism etc. If they’re neo-Catholic, then count me in.