Dennis Prager tells the hyper-sensitive to stop being offended for him

Similarly, I don’t worry when a Muslim thinks I’m going to hell. I worry when a Muslim wishes to kill me. The ADL spends waaaaay too much time hyperventilating over Christians who think Jews need to be Christian (duh!) and should really focus its energies on Muslims who think Jews need to be dead. Christian Judeophobic nuttery such as that promulgated by CAI (which calls the Holocaust-denying Institute for Historical Review’s Journal of Historical Review “highly prestigious” and “very credible”) is waaaaaaaaay out on the fringe of Christianity and most of the noise you hear from it is the frantic sound of self-justifying yelps against the attacks of the great mass of fellow Christians who utterly repudiate such junk. But Muslim Judeophobic nuttery is proclaimed in mosques all over the world to the enthusiastic applause of huge numbers of Muslims. It’s mainstream, not ultra-fringe.

Liberal Jews like the ADL frequently seem to me to have a sort of death wish, endlessly attacking Evangelicals who are the most ardent supporters of Israel in the world. In a time when Israel’s existence is increasingly threatened by Islamic radicalism, this makes as much sense to me as a drowning man pushing away a life preserver thrown him by a man on shore because he’s afraid his rescuer might try to sell him a life insurance policy once he’s back on terra firma.