A reader sez

We watched CSI Miami last night. My wife loves it, but I’m not a big fan. It was a pro life program! I could not believe it! The detective finds a dead prego woman. They have to do some fetal cell research or some thing and he says something like,’its not a bunch of cells’ or the like. I was floored! Also, the ‘other story’ in the show was about a priest that got murdered. You know where it is going right? Well, HE WASN’T A CHILD MOLESTER! I thought my tv was broke or something.

It’s nice to get some happy news. I just hope some nut case isn’t inspired to go out and open fire on a priest now.

As Michael Medved notes, there’s an amazing hypocrisy at work in TV which says “Hours of violence and sleaze can’t affect you, but we’ll pay a million dollars for 60 seconds of air time in order to persuade you to buy our mouthwash.”