If this is real…

Then the James ossuary is small beer. And we have the absolute earliest documentation of Jesus of Nazareth, not to mention a major archeological treasure and a holy relic of our Lord’s passion. I don’t find it as knee jerk incredible as some people do to think that the early Church would have preserved something like this. I guess it comes from visiting Ford’s theatre and seeing every relic of Lincoln’s assassination (upto and including the bullet that killed him) carefully preserved. We just think Lincoln was a great president. They thought Jesus was God. And you don’t think they would have carefully treasured relics of his passion?

On the other hand, I’d want to see work done on verifying it by somebody who isn’t writing articles like “Russia: Alien Body Retrieved?” and various other kooky UFO junk.

The Internet: Where Everything is True.

By the way, the astute Lawrence King points out (over on Amy’s blog) that

The inscription, from right to left, reads:


The article assumes this means “Jacob, son of Joseph and brother of Jesus”.

But couldn’t it mean “Jacob, son of Joseph the brother of Jesus”?

Hmmm… come to think of it, it could.