Steven Pinker looks down from his Ivory Tower on a suffering humanity and sez…

“Hey! Suffering Humanity! You’re just a bag of chemicals! Get me! I’ve got tenure! HA!”

What I like about this is how silly it makes “religious” prochoice arguments. You know, the “Science can detect no ensoulment of the fetus, so it’s okay to kill them” argument. Um, folks. Science can detect no ensoulment of Martin Luther King, Jr. or Steven Pinker. Can we kill them too?

You cannot boil a man and discover soul fumes arising from the broth. The problem, of course, is that materialists, professing to be wise, have made themselves fools unable to see anything but matter and energy. They are like people who insist that Hamlet “is” black marks on white paper. They’re right and they still manage to be completely wrong. Pinker is our third contestant in the race previously dominated by Dawkins and Singer for the Intellectual Pinhead Award.