Light blogging today

Got a book to edit.

To distract you from my dereliction of duty, here’s a question for you to chew on:

Which is more important: ordinary things or extraordinary things? Be sure to define what you mean by each. And give reasons for your replies.

If you don’t like that one, try this: Assertion: What is most deeply personal is that which is common, not subjective, esoteric and unique. This is why it is stupid to talk about “My personal truth” or to speak as though the deepest things in our souls are things nobody else can possibly understand. The deepest things in our souls are common things, not esoteric ones. They are things like falling in love, or fear upon the sea, or wonder at the stars (perhaps the most public property in the universe). They are public and common and human. Therefore, the entire modern obsession with “personal truth” as some incommunicable experience that cannot even be comprehended and must never be judged or criticized since “It’s a personal/black/gay/Catholic/Jewish/Croatian/Aryan/vegetarian/woman/man/balkan thing, you couldn’t understand” is bogus. Yes, there are unique experiences. But mostly, that which is most personal is most common, not most subjective, esoteric, incommunicable and unique.

Agree? Disagree?

Discuss, class.