I’m having an idea!

Halloween is so negative and so full of dark stuff out of the Dark Ages. A typical example of the medieval Catholic Church embracing paganism.

On the other hand, the culture is so imbued with Halloween stuff that kids resent being barred from participating in any way. Maybe it can be Christianized somehow!

Say! Calvary Chapel Church up the street has a nice idea for keeping the fun and avoiding the darkness: a Harvest Party! Instead of celebrating evil and death, why not celebrate the Harvest, life and the promise of renewal?

Great idea!

In fact, you could even evoke spiritual themes in that! For instance, the feast of Pentecost was the celebration of “first fruits” from the spring crops and God, not coincidentally, chose that feast to bring in the “first fruits” of the spiritual harvest. Similarly, a “Harvest Party” could celebrate the “first fruits” of those who have died in Christ and thereby obtained their heavenly reward. We could call it something like “All Saints Day”!

Oh. Wait. You mean somebody’s already done that?