A reader comments

I’m a youth minister that can think of better things to do w/ pantyhose than this stupid, demeaning sort of ‘icebreaker’. Like cover my 43 yo gams.

Am I the only one that is wondering what reason and logic leads folks to ‘retreat’ first through eighth graders together in the first place? Has ‘retreat’ become synonymous with ‘fun and free day’?

By the time I get these youth, they’ve been gimmicked and twelve-stepped to death — not receptive to the concept of a spiritual exercise that challenges them to move beyond childish self-centeredness on a path toward an adult Catholic Christian life.

But then again, from the subsequent actions taken, one wonders what adults have moved beyond ‘childish things’? (I’ll leave one of my favorite rants alone — the joys and challenges of leading the sons and daughters of Post-Vat II “I don’t wanna grow up”s to a more mature experience of faith. It always leads to the confessional.)

Our youth deserve better than this.