Excellent! Another reason the Church is wrong!

I collect reasons the Church is wrong. The Church, for instance, is wrong because it opposes “freedom of choice” (just ask Creeps for Fetal Crucifixion). But the Church is also wrong because it dogmatically affirms free will, when really it’s all just brain chemistry. This guy fudges, however, by inserting some last ditch mysticism to the effect that “brains are automatic and people are free” which, being translated is, “My heart revolts at the shallow conclusions of my intellect”. This, in turn, is a nice example of eupocrisy. Sounds like the researcher is a better man than his materialist philosophy, a not uncommon occurrence. I hope he can make a full break from his shallow materialism and discover the Catholic tradition, which lets brains be brains, but does not insist that matter and its behavior is the full story of the human person.