Apologies for being nasty

I’ve been thinking about some of my remarks over the past couple days and I think I need to apologize for some of them. I think, in particular, that Bubbles has a point in the comments down below on my uncharitable attitude toward Jody, so I would like to apologize for that. I still disagree with Jody’s notion of mutual consent as the be all and end all of the goodness of a human act, but I can say that without being nasty or belittling to Jody.

I also wish to apologize for referring to Jake Michael as “wet behind the ears”. My point, which I still stand by, is that Jake, whose ignorance of Catholic theology is made more manifest with each word he utters, is in no position at all to pontificate on the faults of the Church’s teaching, and he is especially in no position to smear the Holy Father’s theology of the body as somehow resulting in the scandal. But again, I could have made that point without the nastiness. Mea culpa.