What I mean by CAI’s “Pope Bashing”

Some of my commenters have asked why I regard CAI as indulging in Pope-bashing. Aren’t they just being legitimately critical of what they regard as bad judgement calls?

No. They are indulging in Pope-bashing. Here’s an example of an extraordinary cheap shot that combines both theological ignorance and arrogance in one fell swoop. Young Jake Michaels, the wet-behind-the-ears Catholic who has taken the occasion of his recent reception into the Church to decree that the confirmation oil still damp on his brow confers on him the right to say any damn fool thing he likes, graces the world with the stupid charge that the Pope’s teachings on “the ‘theology of the body’ have resulted in… well… have you been watching the news since March of this year?”

This is, quite frankly, beneath contempt. If CAI had somebody capable of doing actual theology, instead of spewing polemics (and it certainly isn’t Young Jake), they would know that the Pope’s theology of the body did not “result in” priestly abuse. On the contrary, it holds the promise of giving the Church an overwhelming intellectual and spiritual response to the culture of death that has, alas, afflicted even the priesthood. But Young Jake is more interested in scoring cheap shots than in thinking. I’m afraid his profession of “love” for the Holy Father rings rather hollow. I can respect a Rod Dreher who has understandable misgivings about the Pope’s governance of the American Church. I have no respect for Young Jake’s charge that the theology of the body (an enormously rich and fruitful teaching thoroughly grounded in the Tradition) “resulted in” priestly abuse. This is slime, pure and simple, and puts the final nail in the coffin of CAI’s contemptible claims to “defend” the Faith, as far as I’m concerned.