This is interesting

Down below, I chose the graphic image of “peeing in the face” to describe the debasement that slaves on the liberal plantation will accept, just in order to prop up the liberal establishment that treats them with such contempt.

One of my readers noted, “This is quite a hilarious post because the truth is that some gay constituents actually like pee (and other things, but not to be too graphic) in the face. There is a pee-in the-face fetish amongst the gay crowd. Don’t ask how I know, but I know.”

I replied, “I know. It’s partly why I chose the image. But everything in gay culture is juuuuuust fine.”

Now one of my Village Atheist’s friends chimes in:

I wasn’t going to jump into this goofy blather, but . . .

Everybody . . . surf a bit, and you’ll find plenty of straight interest in peeing on . . . and (to be delicate as somebody was below) doing “other things” on . . .

IOW, not just gays!!

This double standard is one of the most pernicious aspects of homophobia.

To which I reply:

I’m surprised at you. Imposing your Puritan morality on people who like to pee in each other’s faces! You speak, not as though gay people like chocolate as much as straights and that’s a fine thing, but as though straights who like to pee in each others’ faces are as depraved as gays who like to pee in each others’ faces.

Tut tut! A negative judgment against people who like to pee in each others’ faces? Haven’t you been listening to my Village Atheist? He’s already given you your philosophical marching orders: “The moral boundaries of sexual behavior for adults in a free society is consent.” If these people like to pee in each others’ faces, who the hell are you to speak in disapproving terms? Why, I’ve just about had it with your Puritan moralizing against face peeing! It’s a beautiful consensual sexual act (because all consensual sexual acts are beautiful). My Village Atheist says so. If you disagree, you should take it up with him, not me.