Fascinating to watch various Leading Lights of the Left bid the Left Farewell

Meanwhile, the Treason Party continues to do and say anything to clutch at power. A week or so ago, Daschle was practically accusing Bush of trying to be Caesar (and Jim McDermott was saying this). This week, the Dems vote for war cuz they don’t want to lose in November. Most recent act of naked lust to win: peeing in the faces of their gay constituents just to win an election. Why do they do it? Two reasons, I think. First, sheer desperation. Second, there’s always going to be a certain percentage of the population who will put up with any amount of pee in the face from their liberal masters, rather than stop and ask whether it’s really worth supporting liberalism. It’s the same thing that drove NOW to defend Juanita Broadderick’s Special Friend Bill Clinton and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to pal around with the former Klansman from the great State of West Virginia. Sullivan calls it the liberal plantation. An apt description.

Join with me now as I start the countdown till my Village Atheist and his friends have a cow in my comments box, won’t you?