Speaking of laws not directly repugnant to the law of God

The bishops have come out with some new rule saying people should stand to receive communion. I think it’s a dumb and pointless rule, the net effect of which will be to tick off people of good will and provide Lidless Eye types with something new to scream about. But you know what? I also just don’t think it’s worth getting upset about. I’ll obey the bishops. It’s not like they’re asking me to spit on the Eucharist and trample it underfoot. They’re just saying “Reverence it this way” not “Don’t reverence it”. Unless a bishop asks me to do something directly repugnant to the law of God (like, oh, destroy evidence of priestly child abuse or commit obstruction of justice) a bishop is to be obeyed. Life is too short to sweat small stuff like this.