A lawyer friend writes:

I’m thinking of working for CAI. (Especially if they’re going to start suing people and handing out those five-figure retainers I mentioned). As an audition, I want to rewrite the copyright notice to make it closer to Mr. Sungenis’ intentions. What do you think of this version?

CAI forbids memorizing, remembering, or thinking about any material that appears on this website, unless prior, written permission has been granted from CAI. This prohibition does not apply to those who use CAI material clandestinely. The prohibition, however, does forbid any reproduction, quoting, or mentioning CAI material to God, angels, or other human beings, whether in conversation, on other websites, emails, blogs, books, barbecues, articles, television programs, dentist visits, documentaries, encyclopedias, laundromats, radio programs, telephone conversations, telegrams, notes (scribbled or otherwise), semaphore, heliograph, sonar, or radar, or any other place where two or more persons are gathered for any purpose, unless prior, written permission has been granted from CAI.

This raises real ethical questions. If you’re forbidden to quote anything whatever from CAI without prior permission (fair use laws be damned!) then is it legal to quote from the sources CAI cuts and pastes without attribution? What a puzzle.