This should be interesting

Greg Popcak notes that the teaching of the Catholic Church is as follows:

2316. “The production and the sale of arms affect the common good of nations and of the international community. Hence public authorities have the right and duty to regulate them. The short-term pursuit of private or collective interests cannot legitimate undertakings that promote violence and conflict among nations and compromise the international juridical order. “

This is one of those interesting collision spots between the teaching of the Church and the pet ideological fetishes of conservatives. I am a Catholic first and a conservative second (and, in simple common sense, I don’t see a problem with regulating arms any more than I see a problem in regulating cars). It will be interesting to see how the comments boxes deal with this. My suspicion is that Jefferson worshippers will try to limit the force of the above to regulation of daisy cutters and nuclear warheads. But that’s not what the text says. It says “arms”. Full stop.

Have fun! I’m gone for the day.