Gun Nut Culture

Down below, I made the weisenheimer crack that it’s “un-American” to buddy up with other kooks and shoot people. Several people are taking me very seriously and reminding me of Columbine, OKC et al. Mostly I was spoofing the fact that we tend to create lots of loony killers here too.

I was listening to NPR yesterday. They were interviewing some guy who was calling for a national database of the bullet markings on every new gun manufactured. Sort of a fingerprint for guns. Sound reasonable to me. I’d like to have that tool so creeps like the guys in Maryland could be tracked down more easily. Of course, the gun lobby guy was against it and said it was the first step toward totalitarianism blah blah.

Sorry. I don’t buy it. There’s often a weird affinity between the worshippers of the human tradition of the 2nd Amendment and the worshippers of the unfettered “right” to abortion. Whether you say “You don’t *really* need to keep and bear field artillery” or say “Do we really need to expand the abortion license to partial birth abortion?” the zealots always see the slightest movement toward common sense as the thin end of the wedge, the camel’s nose under the tent, the first notes of the Tyrant Symphony! Oh sure, they scream, it seems rational not to dismember a child as he’s being born! Oh sure it seems reasonable to have a system in place for knowing if a homicidal maniac visiting the US from Saudi Arabia has purchased an assault rifle. But think! What if the black helicopters come and carry us all off to concentration camps? Then you’ll be sorry. So it’s better to have the current insanity than face the possibility of this remote paranoid scenario taking place in the future.