The Lidless Eye Turns its Pitiless Gaze My Way!

I’m so honored!

Money quote: “Certain neo-Catholic enforcers of postconciliar correctness (including Mark Shea and James Scott) have even defended the Talmud against Sungenis, with the aid of a Talmud revisionist website operated by a liberal Jewish apologist.”

Not quite. I didn’t “defend the Talmud” (about which I know exactly as much as Sungenis: nothing.) What I did was point out that people who actually knew something about the Talmud offered rather strikingly different views of the text than Sungenis’ hastily cut n pasted sources which he reckless posted without bothering to critique in the slightest. I don’t take the site I linked to at face value. Indeed, I thought the attempt to say that Toledoth Yeshu has nothing to do with Jesus was a stretch.

But Sungenis took everything his sources said at face value and, on the strength of it, declared himself competent to hold forth on the evils of Judaism, ranging from twaddle about the acceptability of infant rape, to Roosevelt’s Jewish blood, to Kol Nidre. (Note that Ferrara conveniently neglects to mention that Sungenis himself was subsequently embarrassed by his uncritical cut and paste approach when it became clear he was plagiarizing Nazi literature and that he quietly removed (some) of his cut and paste twaddle as a result.)

Just an aside: read Ferrara’s screed. Then read it again. Taste it. Contemplate the personality of the person who wrote it. Then say to yourself: “Here’s a happy man. I want to be just like him! Wow! I sure can see the love of Christ shining out of him!”

It’s the bitter black rage of the Reactionaries that promises to forever keep them locked in their little fortresses. A most pathetic and unhappy tribe.