Another satisfied Catherine of Siena Institute customer!

A reader sez:

You speak highly of the Catherine of Siena Institute on your blog and website. I followed your link and found out that they were giving one of their 1 1/2 day Called and Gifted Workshops at a large parish near my home. Based on your recommendation and their web description I decided to go.

Brother Mark, you are holding back on your readers. You need to find some exceptionally compelling words to convey what a remarkable workshop this is, and how extraordinarily important it is for lay Catholics to understand and begin to discern the charisms God has given to each of us so that we may participate in building the body of Christ.

Your blog readers who live in Washington, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, the San Francisco Bay area, British Columbia or Louisiana can catch a workshop in their area between now and the end of the this year.

The St. Catherine of Siena Institute shares these ideas about how discerning your own lay charism can make such a difference:

(1) Discerning their charisms gives many people a new sense of personal purpose and direction as a lay Christian. Many lay Catholics do not understood that they have an active part to play in the Church’s mission and are excited to discover that God is calling them to and equipping them for a unique work of love in the world.

(2) Discerning and exercising one’s charisms can be a wonderful catalyst of spiritual growth. Few things nurture faith in God’s loving presence like seeing God’s provision and goodness reach others through the charisms of an ordinary person like you or me. The spiritual disciplines necessary to mature in the use of a charism change us and help transform us into more Christ-like people.

Going to the workshop would be a wonderful gift for your readers to give themselves.

An unsolicited testimonial! What’s more, my reader is dead right. Go to a Called and Gifted Workshop. You will be extremely glad you did.