Priesthood as self-medication

“Going into seminary seemed like the best of all possibilities. I could get an esteemed position within Catholic culture, and I had a safe place to go where people wouldn’t ask why I didn’t have a girlfriend.”

Funny. I always thought the priesthood had something to do with serving Jesus Christ, not getting an esteemed position within Catholic culture.

“I felt like Sybil at times,” he says, referring to the woman known for multiple-personality disorders. “I could never really be myself. But that’s not unusual for gay men. We’re excellent actors because we have to be.”

Translation: I deceived people, but it was their fault, not mine. Now you should trust me. (David Brock, call your office.)

But, of course, the real problem is here is not that some guy entered the priesthood as an act of self-medication, nor that he chose to deceive people and, when he felt like it, broke a solemn vow. The problem is that the seminary saw no problem with ordaining such a man. Hopefully, things will be improving with the upcoming apostolic visitations.