There’s one in every parish

Over on Amy’s blog, Amy asked folks to comment on whether their parish did anything pro-life last Sunday. Here is one response:

I preached pro-life (mainly abortion, contraception, and sexual immorality) and it was well-received, except for one woman who went out of her way to tell me that she was proudly pro-choice, and that somehow my homily was going to result in an unjust war in Iraq.

She promised to write me a letter. Oh joy.

Fr. Paul

The heartening thing about this (bishops, take note) was that padre could preach on this and he was well-received. Makes you think that many parishes could begin injecting some actual Catholic content into their homilies and people might respond favorably.

Somehow this incident reminds me of the time the lady came up to a friend of mine after Mass, muttering that somebody should ask the Dominicans about the X million people murdered by the Inquisition in the 14th Century. The figure she named was, it turned out the entire population of Europe at the time (my friend is a historian at the University of Washington). But bigots don’t require actual facts for their beliefs, so this did not daunt her. Evidently, the Dominicans killed everybody in Europe and then killed themselves. The only reasonable conclusion from this indisputable fact of history is that there is a rational basis for the resurrection or else the Church wouldn’t still be here.