Sungenis continues the downward spiral

Today CAI posts an apparently ameliorative defense of the Catholic faith (ameliorative to the Catholics who have been decrying Sungenis bizarre turn toward Pope-bashing and Jew-bashing) by one Albert Cipriani. The purpose of the piece appears to be “See! We’re Catholic! You should support us!” The weirdness of it is: Cipriani is a supporter (like Sungenis acolyte Mario Derksen) of the schismatic Society of St. Pius X. So while you read Cipriani’s defense of “Catholicism”, bear in mind that what this apparently means for Sungenis, Cipriani, Derksen et al is “Catholicism as we define it, not as the apostate Pope and magisterial office of the post-conciliar Church defines it.”

That’s the reason for the setup stuff about “rationalism” (which, being translated, means “faith in the abilities of Albert Cipriani to decide what is and is not a contradiction between pre and post Vatican II Catholicism”). We shall find, as time goes on that True Catholicism[TM] = What Albert Cipriani Thinks Was the Faith Before the Council and Apostate Catholicism = Post-Conciliar Catholicism. In short, the Church wasn’t all that indefectible. However, a remnant survives: Albert and those who agree with him. (I’ve read lots of Albert’s egoism over on Steve Ray’s board, so I’m familiar with the product.)

Oddly, Sungenis/Cipriani don’t appear to be too eager to make clear Cipriani’s schismatic enthusiasms. I wonder if that has something to do with the number of websites and funding sources that are rapidly cutting their ties to CAI and the increasing number of Catholics who will not touch CAI with a barge pole?

Another word for Sungenis and Cipriani’s position is “Protestantism”. Only Protestants are usually more forthright about being Protestant.