Jonah Goldberg, as usual, makes a lot of sense

An orthodox rabbi I know who thinks highly of Evangelicals says rather sensibly that he doesn’t particularly care if Evangelicals don’t think he’s going to heaven since it’s not up to them to decide the matter. He’s more concerned about whether they think he should be able to vote, live in peace, raise his children according to his conscience and practice his faith as he believes he should. Since Evangelicals are all for these things, he doesn’t see why liberal Jews (who strike him as primarily retaining hostility to Christians while retaining almost nothing of the practice of Judaism) should panic so much about Evangelicals being, well, Evangelicals. It strikes him as being remarkably insecure in your Jewish faith to begrudge Evangelicals theirs, including their conviction that they should bear witness to Christ to you. I like the generosity of spirit in that. As a Catholic, I’m also not off put by Evangelicals who periodically try to win me to Christ out of a mistake conviction that I don’t believe in him. I consider such moments “significant learning opportunities”, not insults.