The further adventures of the Treason Party

On one front, we have our own local wahoo here in Seattle, Congressoid Jim McDermott, fresh from removing his lips from Saddam’s posterior, now declaring that W wants to make himself emperor. Internationally, we have the Grand Exemplar and High Priest of the Treason Party holding court with Euroweenies.

Meanwhile, a reader keeps me posted on other activities from the Treason Party:

The Democratic National Committee is supporting the anti-Catholic ‘organization’ Catholics for a Free Choice. They have a link to CFFC in their Catholic links page and have been refusing to remove it. The Catholic League has gotten involved (and has some of the history of this on their site) and the US Bishops are in the fray now. Yet still the DNC is stonewalling. Requests have been made for Catholics to email the DNC requesting that the link be removed, but when I tried my email was refused (did not have ‘authorization’). So I went to the ‘contact us’ page on their site and sent it that way instead.

Second, I read this weekend in the local newspaper (not sure which day it was from, not Sunday though) that the city of Chicago [editor's note: a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of the Treason Party] has recently decided to require any companies that do business with the city to disclose if the company has ever in its past had any dealings in slavery. This includes owning, transporting, using, or even insuring a company that had slaves. They want the citizens of Chicago to know just what kind of companies they are dealing with. What a crock of nonsense! Check the story at the Chicago Sun-Times under the Politics link on the left hand side. Another step toward forcing people who never had anything to do with slavery to pay people who were never slaves.

The Treason Party: We’ll say and do whatever it takes to have power!