Clues for the Clueless

Memo to Bp. McCormack: You could start by taking some responsibility, dammit, and ceasing to call your sins “mistakes”. Then you could explain why a priest is bringing a defamation suit against you, why you chose to replace him with yet another priest who has contempt for his vows, and why the hell you thought a parish would regard this as anything but another act of cowardly contempt for your office after a long and full career of cowardly contempt for your office. (This is the bishop who “explained” that he just didn’t notice when people complained that Paul Shanley was openly advocating sex with minors.) Then you could explain what the hell good you think you do as a bishop when primarily you seem to go around hurting people?

Now it’s possible Fr. MacCormick is bringing a bogus suit against the bishop and he’s another popular pervert whose congregation just can’t bear to let him go. In which case, Bp. McCormack is breaking with his pattern of cowardice and exhibiting some spine for a change. But this doesn’t explain why he inflicts yet another priest with contempt for his vows on the wounded congregation. And Fr. MacCormick’s mother (admittedly a biased witness) seems to think her son’s departure has nothing to do with wrongdoing on her son’s part.

All told, it’s just another example of the maelstrom of chaos this bishop in particular seems to draw after him wherever he goes and looks to be part of a long standing pattern of cowardice and confusion generated by his spineless responses to abuse and priestly miscreancy. I’m sorry for the pain the parish is suffering, but proud of them for making the good bishop feel the pain his grotesque mismanagement has afflicted on so many people for so long. I hope his flock makes life miserable for him till he starts to get a frickin’ clue and bear the cross he’s been laying on everybody else’s shoulders for so long.