While my Village Atheist Preens over the Alleged Dehumanization of Being Called a Sinner…

(…. a condition he shares with the rest of the human race), Prolife Guy sends me a link to the real language of dehumanization, which is being employed with full force against the truly dehumanized members of our race: the unborn. Curious how the wielders of this language today are typically found on the Left, and are typically atheists. Gotta break a few eggs (and lives) to make that omelette.

Prolife Guy, who is Jewish, laments the depressing state of liberal Judaism (whose sacred text is the New York Times, whose sole prophet is Barbara Streisand, and who sacred ritual meal is the bagel) by noting: “I especially like the juxtaposition of Hitler on Jews and the rabbi on the unborn in the “nonhuman” row. best.”