A reader writes…

I just attended a program called “Act One:Writing for Hollywood” this past June and am moving to LA in a few weeks to try and be a screenwriter working inside the Hollywood film industry. You may or may not have seen the movie “Changing Lanes” which came out this past spring starring Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Affleck. It was the most impressively Christian film in YEARS, perhaps, to come out of Hollywood, as well as a great movie with high artistic standards. I thought you might go rent it, see what you think, and if you like it I have a request:


One thing I learned at Act One is that Christians in the U.S. DO NOT support the *good* films with Christian themes which Hollywood does produce. Two egregious examples are “Return to Me” and “Prince of Egypt”- neither made enough money and both were made FOR US. (“Bless the Child” is an odder version of the same- it was like a Catholic “This Present Darkness” and it didn’t make enough money, although that might be a good thing… I did enjoy that movie though.)

Lots of people lost their jobs at Dreamworks Studios after “The Prince of Egypt” performed so poorly at the box office. They had a “Joseph” movie lined up ready to roll if it made money- but it didn’t, we never saw Joseph nor his coat of many colors, and several non-Christians who were trying to make movies for Christians lost their jobs because the Christians assumed that “The Prince of Egypt” was made by Disney and thus boycotted it.

So, if you would, perhaps you could tell your readers to all go out and buy a copy of “Changing Lanes.” It came out on video and DVD September 10th. Same goes for “Return to Me”, and watch “Life with Bonnie” on ABC on Tuesday nights.

Here is Act One’s website.

Here is an article Barbara Nicolosi wrote for Crisis magazine. Barbara is a super-genius, FYI.)

I haven’t had time to view “Changing Lanes” but I like Barbara Nicolosi (a frequent contributor to Catholic Exchange), so I thought I’d run your letter.