Yeah, I remember this

A reader says:

I don’t know if this story ever hit your radar screen, but about a year and a half ago a story came up about a girl who could not receive communion under the species of bread, because of a condition – celiac disease -in which the gluten in wheat causes serious intestinal problems. What the parents demanded was that the wheat host be substituted with rice, but the archdiocese of Boston said that would be impossible, since a host made of anything other than wheat would be invalid for use in the sacrament. The diocese suggested that the girl receive communion under the species of wine. The parents objected because this would make the girl feel different, and so they became Methodists. The story tended to be spun as evidence of the inflexibility of the Church, a sign that it contradicts the loving concern and flexibility of Jesus.

Well, it turns out that researchers believe that it won’t be long before a treatment for celiac disease is available, having identified a specific fragment of gluten that causes the disease and a dietary enzyme made by a bacterium can break down the fragment into harmless bits.

So, help is on its way! God bless those medical researchers!

PS. Rosalind Moss at Catholic Answers - a celiac – actually responded to this issue in This Rock magazine a year ago. She thanked God for the inflexibility of the Church in this matter, which has had the effect of preserving the sacrament of two millennia. Too bad I can’t provide a link…

The Blood of Christ would make the girl feel different?! One itsy bitsy sip? Why do I get the sense this family was looking for an excuse to leave the Church?