One of my readers hyperventilates…

about my “homophobia” (ah that useful word!):

Mark can’t see the difference between (1) the claim that the words of religious homophobes can lead to violence against gays, and (2) the claim that Mel White’s statements might lead to “homosexual rape of children.” The first is arguable (either way), but the second is simply preposterous — it completely misunderstands and misconceptualizes the issues. Worse, it’s a vicious assertion — utterly without foundation, so ridiculous in the face of any rational analysis, and so mean-spirited as to cast doubt on the decency of the person who says it.

And Mark throws this out not just as (really bad) social analysis, but he even seems to think it’s amusing. Well, it’s not. It’s all-too-typical typical of the kind of horseshit homophobes, religious and otherwise, spout endlessly.

Deep cleansing breaths. There you go!

I think it is quite possible to name not only homosexual acts as sin and homosexual desire as disordered, but also to name gluttonous acts as sin and gluttonous appetites as disordered. I do not think it follows that being clear about homosexuality or gluttony being disordered or sinful is an incitement to violence. I do not fear a band of Switched on Richard Simmons groupies will gun me down in a brutal act of violence because I’m a fat guy. And I think it is one of the tiresome tactics of the gay lobby to suggest that similar condemnations of homosexual practice, or claims that homosexual orientation is disordered, is “hate speech” and “encourages” violence.

As to my (manifestly stupid) construal of White’s words as an “encouragement” to homosexual pedophilia, this was called “satire” or “hoisting him on his own petard.” In short, I was showing how dumb White’s panic-mongering is by using the same sort of cheap, below-the-belt rhetoric that he was employing to show how stupid it is. You might want to take something for your humor-impairment.

One last point. Violence against gays (St. Mathew Shepherd is the poster boy) is ruthlessly exploited by the gay lobby as a cudgel to beat religious opposition to homosexual behavior, even though the neanderthals who murdered him appear to have no religious beliefs and even though Christianity and Judaism both condemn such violence. (Strangely, amid all the martyrology, we never hear about Jesse Dirkhising. Why is that, gentle reader?)

Indeed, I can think of no serious Christians who commit violence against gays. I can, however, think of lots of gays who commit homosexual rape of minors. Some, you may recall, were priests of my own communion. I don’t, in fact, believe White’s words “encourage” homosexual rape of children. But from a “living in a glass house” perspective, I’d say the prima facie case is much more “arguable” for the gay culture fostering abuse of children (30% of sexual abuse of children being committed by gays, who comprise 2% of the population, is the figure that comes to mind), than it is “arguable” that yer average Lynchburg citizen is likely to kill Mel White or “encourage” anybody else to do so.

In other words, stop whining.