The basic difference between the West and Popular Islam

In the West, you have go to certain isolated tar paper shacks in Montana (and certain loony websites) to hear marginalized nutballs talk about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and spout swill about the Jews as descendent of pigs and dogs. But in Saudi Arabia, all you have to do is go any of the main mosques in Saudi Arabia.

Gedankenexperiment: Imagine even a syllable of this stuff being said about Muslims in St. Peter’s, or by an important Jewish leader or on any major network.

“What about Rabbi Kahane?” What about him? He was an extremist nut, like his followers. And that’s the point. Rhetoric like this is extremist in the West. It’s mainstream in much of Islam. That’s why Islam needs to examine its own house and stop whining about external enemies.

Our friends the Saudis.