Speaking of GKC….

The Seattle G.K. Chesterton Society kicks off its new year of meetings this October 8. The Chesterton Society is a joint effort of laypeople and academics from Seattle University, the University of Washington, and Seattle Pacific University, devoted to discussing life, the universe and everything from the perspective of the Catholic intellectual tradition. We have a different guest speaker in every month who, like Chesterton, talks about everything from pork to pyrotechnics as it relates to God and the human person. We encourage students (and anybody else) to come and generally have a rollicking time, followed (as is always customary at Catholic gatherings) by food. All done in the memory and spirit of Chesterton.

It’s oodles of fun. If you are in the neighborhood, come and join us. If you aren’t, why not think about trying something similar your own self? Check out our website to see what we’ve already done and what we will be doing. (Brag: We’ve got both Dale Ahlquist and Fr. James V. Schall in the lineup for this year.)