A reader sez:

I share your sentiments re: Law and the visit to the mosque.

Also have encountered more than a few African and “other than North American” Western Hemisphere priests to realize that the Church is bigger than the ‘issues’ of those of us of Western European extraction.

As one who works primarily with youth from the public schools, I see that they live in a pluralistic world, out of touch with both the touchy-feely liberalism and the outward trappings of Tridentine piety. Example: My daughter attends a local high school — she navigates the friendships of her Catholic youth group buddies, her Buddhist friend from biology, her Muslim girlfriend in PE – we both wonder how she plays basketball and the hajib never moves! — and a lunch crew who gathered after school for a farewell that spanned three continents, five languages and four faiths. That’s the world of now — for her, the Holy Father’s gathering of leaders of so many religions at Assisi resonates, not the paranoia and separatism of the Lidless Eye nor the spirit-less social work of the left. These kids speak of spiritual things — in an atmosphere of mutual respect and joy! One of the things I like about the blogs — every once in a while we remember how to be children of God and PLAY! Thank God we haven’t destroyed that in our youth — yet.

I’ve always wondered if the watery liberals and Lidless Eye folk are more alike than either would like to admit — over the years, I’ve come to view each as a reaction to the reality that they aren’t going to be in charge much longer, as much as they would like, a last grasp for power before the dawn of a new time. As I heard one African priest put it, the Church of the 21st century will look more like the church of Augustine than the church of Trent.