Rod Dreher Hits One Out of the Ballpark!

Anything I say is gilding the lily.

By the way, to his credit, Jody noted this story on his blog when it happened and didn’t make the disgusting whiny excuses Wagner did. He even (mildly) condemned Gutierrez’ act. On the other hand, he does make pathetic excuses for the vastly more muted coverage of the story than the Martyrdom of St. Mathew Shepard received. (“Hey! It was mentioned in a few outlets, so there’s total parity!” is his logic.) And he never even bothers to deal with the other examples of media bias in anti-Christian crimes. Most absurd of all, he somehow manages to suggest that Mass caused the murder (while, of course, insisting that he’s not really suggesting it). I think he thought he was being oh-so-witty. Mostly he was coming off as a perfect manifestation of the media culture that makes it so possible to belittle the death of Mary Stachowicz, who possessed a life not entirely worthy of being lived and won’t be missed all *that* much by Truly Cultured and Intelligent People like Jody. I give his performance a D-.