Let no good deed go unpunished!

Here’s how press bias works. All over the world, a human race that ignores, in various ways, what God says about sexual morality and drug use is currently suffering from the horrible scourge of AIDS. No institution on the planet has done more to bring comfort and succor to victims of this scourge than the Church in its many manifestations all over the globe.

But–mark this–it has failed to do it with absolute flawless perfection! Dear heaven! It turns out members of the Church are human beings who recoil from deadly diseases and their ghastly effects! Some of these people, feeling bad about this, put together a little statement which focused on the need to continue helping victims of AIDS, and included something many American bishops seem to be unable to muster: a frank confession of their occasional failures:

We acknowledge with deep regret:

That Caritas members have not always acted promptly or positively to respond to the challenges posed by HIV/AIDS.

That Caritas members have sometimes kept silent in the face of stigma or discrimination based on known or suspected HIV status. Through our silence we have colluded with this stigmatisation and discrimination.

That Caritas members have often rejected when we should have embraced, isolated when we should have included, judged and condemned when we should have offered love, understanding, acceptance and support.

What are we to conclude from this?

“Catholics admit persecution of AIDS victims” That’s right. Persecution. Human failure to perfectly and instantly embrace victims of a disease that often has revolting physical consequences and is often acquired in revolting ways is tantamount to persecution. Only bigotry and hate can account for it.

And, of course, building on the rock solid foundation of such a headline, we then move to op ed pieces like this or even more sensible remarks like Kimberly Mills of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer who regurgitates the normal chatter about the Vatican being “officially silent during the Holocaust,” and then blames the Church for AIDS in Africa. “Now a viral version of Hitler is rampaging through another part of the world,” she says, “and the Vatican risks similar ignominy if it cannot find a way to relax the ban on condoms, particularly in Africa where more than 25 million people have been infected with HIV.”

What strange power the Church has. It cannot keep the world from committing promiscuity and fornication and homosexual acts on a daily basis, but by some weird magic, all the people doing these things are petrified of using a condom because of the Church. Meanwhile, the only serious way to avoid infection is (surprise!) the way the Church urges: by heeding its teaching on sexual morality and drug use.

Sin makes you stupid. I wonder how many of these righteous reporters have worked in an AIDS hospice.