I’m outta here for the weekend

Before I go, the enterprising Dave Armstrong took a thread I participated in last year concerning the Gathering for Peace at Assisi and boiled it into a single web page article (amazing editor, that Dave). Here it is. I was writing in response to a protracted sneer about Assisi published by Chris Ferrara, who seems to be in some danger of becoming a protracted sneer. It includes responses from other folks and some back and forth between us (though not Ferrara, who was not on the board). I’ve never, for the life of me, been able to see what the problem was with Assisi, though I have friends who disliked it a great deal. Anyway, if you are looking for something to make your juices flow over the weekend, this should do it.

Oh, and for Thanksgiving, I plan to give thanks, among other things, for youse guys–your intelligence, interest, love, thoughfulness, generosity and general rambunctiousness. So… thanks!