Amy’s right

It’s a culture of protectiveness that puts the good of the chum above the good of the victim. It forms no legitimate part of the Tradition but is, like anti-semitism was for so long, an aspect of the Shadow Tradition, the sin the haunts the Church from its inception. Traditionalists very often confuse the Tradition with the Shadow Tradition because they assume “If it’s old, it’s automatically part of the Tradition.” And so, among the Lidless Eye crowd on the right, we see frequent indulgences of anti-semitism (see “Sungenis, Bob”) and apologies for Jew-bashing.

In the same way, we are seeing a long standing aspect of the Shadow Tradition with episcopal cover-ups and stonewalling of sin against the flock. There is no necessary reason for this garbage. It forms no part of what Jesus or the apostles established. Rather, it lives in the Shadow of the gospel. One might just as well say that sin itself is part of the Tradition since it too has always been with the Church. My hope is that this is the age the Holy Spirit has chosen to finally root out this shadow that has hovered about the Church for far too long.

There is a gap between “bare minimal compliance with human decency” and “sanctity”. Caesar’s job is to make sure that clergy who sink below the “bare minimum” line are punished. But he cannot compel sanctity. The only one who can bring that about is the Holy Spirit and the contrite sinner. I want to see criminal punished. But more than that, I want to see our episcopacy look beyond bare minimum compliance (something many are only now figuring out) and become saints. It can happen. But some serious repentance has to happen first. Meanwhile, let Caesar do his job! Clergy are not above the law!