I just knew I’d get some Kopp apologists coming out of the woodwork

And offering the normal unbelievably far-fetched moral conundrums to try to justify a grade A a******’s cold blooded act of vigilante murder (“Well what if you were a Polish Jew with a gun to your head, with an SS officer threatening your mom, and Vanna White offering you three guesses about which of three Dodge Caravans contained your quivering grandmother, and they both gave you exactly ten seconds to shoot one of your children, before they…”)


These incredibly far-flung moral conundrums are all well and good, but now let’s return to earth, shall we?

Kopp’s act was evil. Period. Murder is evil. You can’t even give the lame excuse that he was saving a life. He saved nobody’s life. He is, indeed, the accessory to many more murders now. Suzie Q, who was going to have her abortion at Slepian’s clinic just went someplace else. And, of course, pro-choicers were provided with a fresh Horst Wessel for the Martyrology.

Let’s turn the tables, shall we? You are Jesus of Nazareth, living in the time when Pontius Pilate slaughtered innocent Galileans and mingled their blood with their sacrifices. You have this friend named Simon the Zealot who has worked through all the vigilante theory carefully and can justify slitting the throat of any Roman centurion he finds alone and unprepared. So, do you begin your reign as the Son of David by murdering a number of Romans in their beds (think of the evil they *would* have done). Or are there other ways the Kingdom is to come?

Don’t defend this creep. He is a murderer, liar, thief and traitor. He needs forgiveness, not excuses.