Hey! All you “Shooting Abortionists is an Act of Just War” Advocates Out There!

Just save time and slap the words “I Am a Babykiller” on all your T-shirts and hats right now. Thanks to morons like you, murderer and latter day Judas Iscariot James Kopp is now the Face of the Prolife Movement, and an invaluable aid to Planned Parenthood and the acolytes of the Cult of Abortion.

A reader writes:

Local New York City TV news led with this story – the confession of James Kopp in killing Barnett Slepian.

1. It was wrong and has been wrong for Catholics not to vote in candidates who support the right to life from conception to natural death. Each of us will surely have to answer on Judgment Day for those “choices” we made.

2. It was wrong for Slepian to abort the unborn children, but while we have civil laws that permit this, peaceful demonstration and prayer are the licit means to respond to him.

3. It was wrong for Kopp to kill Slepian.

4. It was wrong for Kopp to deny guilt and responsibility.

5. It was wrong for Kopp to use the pro-life movement to fund and otherwise aid his escape from civil authorities.

6. Kopp’s actions will make it all the more difficult to present pro-life advocates as being non-violent

7. Just as the printing presses at PPI, NARAL, and the rest are cranking out new fund-raising letters saying that they need money, they will get it – the pro-life organizations will see a drop in contributions.

8. Before they take it down visit http://www.jameskopp.com/ to get an idea of the magnitude of the betrayal of truth here.

9. If in the future, there really is a conspiracy to frame a pro-life advocate, it will be all the harder to overcome the memory of Kopp’s lies. This is baggage the pro-life movement doesn’t need.

10. The “face” of pro-life in the future will be James Kopp and the abortion movement and their friends in the media will never let us forget that.

Don’t even try to defend this a******. He is an accomplice to the death of several million more babies, as well as a murderer, thief, traitor and liar.