Okay, apart from the bizarre story itself

which of these passages from the sycophantic press apologies for Michael Jackson’s bizarreness is more loony?

“There are also speculations the singer may pick up a Bambi lifetime achievement award on Thursday from the German Burda Publishing house.” “Bambi Lifetime Achievement Award”?


“Michael is a very responsible father and it’s just hard for me to believe that he dangled his son over the railing of his balcony”Jackson’s friend Uri Geller (!!!) (Well, if spoon bender and psychic quack Uri Geller vouches for him…)

or (my favorite) the ABC News headline “Michael Jackson Apparently Holds Baby out Window” It’s accompanied with images like this:

“Apparently” he’s holding a baby out the window. Five stories up. Apparently. But we shouldn’t be in so much of a rush to judge. Cameras can play tricks on the eye, you know.

And here’s another example of hard-hitting journalism going toe-to-toe with the Cult of Celebrity to defend the children:

The BBC’s Glenda Cooper: “It was an eccentric way to greet fans

Boy, with supercharged moral indignation like that, the rich and powerful will be lying awake tonight, knowing that the Vigilant Guardians of Children in our Press Corps are On the Job!

How could our bishops come to live in such an insular world when the free press is so aggressive against any and all abusers of children?