Sparse blogging Monday

Running the fambly here and there, taking five-year-old Sean (who is now past his Viking Phase, thankyouveddymuch, and on to his Indian Phase) round to some Indian displays at local museums. Finally, a fascination with something local! I couldn’t get to a Norse fjord very easily, but we actually have real live Indians in the area (abundantly attested by our magnificent place names like Puyallup (pyoo-al-up), Snohomish, Snoqualmie, Moclips, Samamish, Tacoma, Dosewallips, Duwamish, and the many other localities I savor as they come trippingly to the tongue). I think that may come as a shock to Sean. As far as he’s concerned, Indians lived long ago and far away like all other historical figures in books. Wait till he finds out Israelites are still around!