Followup on the soap opera with Fr. Haley and his bishop

I mention this below. Now a source familiar with the situation tells me:

1) When the bishop found out about the situation [meaning the affair between Fr. Jim and a parishioner], he personally ordered Fr. Jim to cut off all contact with the woman. So the allegations that the bishop knew and did nothing are simply untrue (with the implication that he would only take action to punish the whistle blower).

2) People close to this have characterized Fr. Haley as extremely zealous (like a new believer) but possessing no prudence. (And we know what the Church says about how essential prudence is to achieving the good).

I must say that his actions in the matter seem to be those of a child who tattles on a sibling or classmate (who really has misbehaved)and is puzzled by the fact that the adults around him don’t automatically praise him as a “good boy” for doing so.

This, coupled with some of the comments by Patrick Rothwell in the box under the previous blog severely diminish my sympathy for Fr. Haley and my outrage at the bishop.