On not making the Dem’s mistake

One of the things that sank the Dems was obsession with the past. They stopped having anything to say, because they were so obsessed with “overturning 2000″ and other historical grievances. It’s the same mentality that makes the Balkans the happy land you see today. Catholics pissed at our bishops and their failure to face up to their misdeeds now face a similar choice. You can chew the cud over the fact that bishops who have done wrong will, in some cases, not really appreciate the consequences of that before they stand before their Maker and kvetch endlessly that things did not turn out as you hoped, growing more and more bitter in the process. Or, you can move on, labor for the renewal of the Church in your little sphere, have hope, and grow in God with something to offer those around you. We live in a world that doesn’t measure up to what we’d hoped for. That’s life outside the Garden.

Me: I’ve learned from watching the Dems how to lose. I don’t want to lose, especially when the prize is eternal life. Amy is right. Time to move on. We do what we can, not what we can’t.