Yeah, I understand that there are “personalities” involved here

Like the case with the dumb priest who had kids wear nylons as an icebreaker and was subsequently threatened with bodily harm by some parents, you’re looking at a relationship with a History here. Sources tell me that Fr. Haley is Not an Easy Person to Get Along With and exhibits some rather annoying Lidless Eye qualities that have made him a royal pain in the ass to people unfortunate enough to have to deal with him on a daily basis.

So the insta-template of Brave Priest vs. Craven Bishop doesn’t explain everything here. But you know what? The bishop is still wrong, I think. Fr. Haley had information pertinent to the case and, since it was not protected by the Seal of the Confessional, Caesar has every right to ask for that info in order to make a just judgment. Clergy are not above the law.

UPDATE: On the other hand, reading the comments below, I wonder if the priest isn’t even more of a prick than I’d thought. There’s “obeying the law” and there’s “glorying in salacious gossip”. I’m gonna reserve judgment on the bishop’s actions till I know more.