Just a point of consolation for Catholics

Nitwittery within the Church is usually a watered down version of nitwittery in the culture. When extreme ascetism was in vogue in the patristic period you had nutcases like Phibionites outside the Church and watered down nuts for ascetism like Tertullian within (till he left). When Calvinism was all the rage without, you had Jansenism within. And now (just to console you) it’s worth pointing out that for all their idiocy, the Catholic bishops don’t seem to be able to hold a candle to this guy (a Methodist) or Bishop Spong. How many tired cliches, condescensions, and bell-bottomed trousered theological fads of yesteryear can *you* spot in this warmed over bit of grooviness?

It’s twaddle like this that inspired me to write By What Authority?