Domenico Bettinelli on the LA Times on Rome

The LA Times obliges me by demonstrating what I was talking about in the “At the end of the day…” blog. They imagine lay review boards are “emasculated” because Rome points out what could always and only be the case: that the local bishop is the final word in his diocese. They also demonstrate that Assyrians, while useful cudgels in the hand of God for wayward Israel, are not good people to turn to for theological insights. Indeed, they don’t even seem to have grasped English common law:

Among other things, the group emphasized priests’ rights of presumed innocence, and it clarified the definition of sexual abuse.

This the LA Times thinks is bad, thereby implicitly arguing for presumption of guilt and for not having a clear idea of what constitutes sexual abuse.

The press, like Assyria, have played an essential role in bringing God’s wayward Church to heel. They may continue to do that for a while. But don’t forget that many, if not most, of the press do not love the Church and do not love God. It’s a disconnect that always has to be borne in mind and little items like this are reminders of it. The primary goal of the media is to sell shampoo and and to hawk whatever the agenda might be of the few rich men and women who run it.