Lots of people talk as though PC is the end of civilization as we know it

It’s not. It’s the squishiness that precedes tyranny, the Weimar powerless before Nazism, as the Netherlands demonstrates in this article. Chesterton, ever insightful, denies that tyranny is the first stage of human political evolution, followed by the long march toward representative government. He argues very persuasively in The Everlasting Man, that tyranny is what you end up with after a democracy (or some variety of representative government) gets tired. People put up with rule by force because they lack the spine and will to go on guarding their rights against the abuse of power. The Netherlands are far down that path and are ripe for capitulation to Islamicist tyranny if they don’t change. The same goes for large portions of the West. If it happens it won’t be a thing foreign to biblical patterns. When Israel abandoned God they didn’t get anarchy, they got domination from cruel foreign power with cruel foreign gods. This obtained till Israel repented and returned to God. It wouldn’t be out of character for an apostate Christendom to experience something similar till it returns to Christ. No prophecy on my part. Just an observation. And leavened by the fact that no political entity is “chosen” as the Church (and the Jews) are.