Whoa! When Do I get to Have a Shot at a Snazzy Photo in the Jewish World Review?

Kudos and Huzzahs to St. Blog’s own Eve Tushnet! You go girl!

Here’s Eve basically repeating my point of yesterday:

The Republican position, broadly speaking, can be summarized as, “Follow the rules!” Republicans use textualist rhetoric, praising judges who stick to the plain sense of the law rather than enacting their own policy preferences. Justice Scalia is the most famous textualist; he’s also one of the judges then-candidate George W. Bush named as his favorites.

And the Democrats? Their jurisprudential philosophy can be summed up even more quickly than that of the Republicans. It’s just one word: abortion.

When everything else is sacrificed by liberals, when feminism is sacrificed by NOW to defend Bill Clinton against credible charges of rape, when the peaceniks of yesteryear are firing cruise missiles at Sudanese aspirin factories to fend off American interests from the depradations of Monica Lewinsky’s testimony, when alleged death penalty opponents defend his human sacrifice of a mentally retarded prisoner in order to look “tough on crime”, when the party that fought for civil rights sucks up to men as contemptuous of black interests as the creatures Sharpton and Jackson are, when triangulation, focus grouping, spin and general liberal whoredom compels liberalism to abandon every last one of its principles, one principle remains: the inviolable sacrament of abortion. It’s the only real core belief of American liberalism. They have made a covenant with Death and the grave. Republican whores dally with it. But the Democratic party is married to it, a succubus that is draining the life out of the party with vampiric gripping strength.

I hope and pray our spineless and stupid Republican Party will have the moxie to say no to the covenant with death in more than mere words. God, perhaps, will again choose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. And there is no greater party of fools than Republicans.